3rd Party Referral Sites

What is a 3rd party referral site, and why you would NOT want to do business with one of these companies?

There is a reason 3rd party referral sites do not put an outside link, to another site, for un-editable reviews. Because they are very bad. Everyone knows you cannot edit Google, BBB reviews and sites like these.

These are companies, that collect money (many times illegally), take most of your money then "Refer" you to a broker in your state. The main problem for you as a customer, you do not get to ask questions or interview the broker before you pay. many of these referral companies are not interested in finding the best broker to serve you, they are ONLY interested in finding the cheapest broker to maximize their profit!

They constantly search for different brokers that work cheap. In fact, they have an open bidding process to find the cheapest brokers and often the worst brokers to work with. These brokers, they refer you, often provide terrible customer service and because they work so cheap, will try to up-sell you on many vital services or steal your buyer leads.

Some of these 3rd party sites are finding brokers to put a license number on the page, however, keep the bulk of the money (75%) and pay (25%) to the acutual listing broker. The state listing broker has no  incentive to help you. FIND BETTER COMPANIES TO DO BUSINESS WITH!

How do you know you are dealing with one of these 3rd party referral sites?

You should always call a company before you list and research who your listing broker will be. When you call, simply ask, are you my listing broker or will you be referring me out to some other broker?


Here are a few of the 3rd party referral sites that you want to avoid: