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Many businesses and REALTORS® offer flat fee MLS in Virginia. Their caliber and cost can differ. Reviews might be useful in choosing the business that best suits your requirements. Reviews for flat fee REALTORS® can be found on a variety of websites; the Better Business Bureau is a fantastic resource. We have done most of the work for you with our rating system.

Virginia Flat Fee Ratings & Reviews 2023

  • 540-582-5777
  • We have been offering For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and Flat Fee Listing Services since 1995. Debbie Kent began a career in Real Estate in 1994 as a Re/Max agent and then decided sellers were paying way too much to list their homes. Debbie began doing For Sale By Owner Listings and Flat Fee MLS Listings (as well as traditional listings) for home sellers.
  • 301-355-6104
  • We’ve helped thousands of customers save millions of dollars in real estate commissions, and would love to help you next. Please give us a call and learn how we can help you protect your equity and save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.
  • From their site: "We are licensed re brokers in DC, MD, VA. And New York and a member of the local mls systems. The realtor MLS system is the most powerful way to market and sell residential real estate. This is the same system all the agents and brokers use to find their customer and client properties to purchase. 88% of buyers are working with a real estate agent or broker, and the agents use the mls system to find properties and to guarantee that they will receive a commission if the consummate a transaction with their buyer and a mls listed property."
  • "Southerland Real Estate was established in 2013 to provide our clients an alternative to the traditional real estate model. As Hampton Roads leading Flat Fee MLS brokerage, Southerland Real Estate delivers an innovative approach to residential real estate services. Whether by reducing your cost to sell, or putting money in your pocket when you buy, our clients consistently report more favorable results with higher satisfaction"
  • No Listing Commission, Maintain Your FSBO Status (Sell It Yourself and Pay Nothing), Pay Buyer Agent Commission at Closing if/when Buyer Agent Sells Property. Buyer Leads and Inquiries received by us are then Routed Directly to (You) Seller. Listing Agent Collects No Closing Fee or Commission regardless of who sells the property.
  • Located in New Jersey, Broker Direct MLS is licensed in many states it services. From their website - "From their website, "We've been at it the longest, have the best technology of any flat fee brokerage"
  • RealEstateWitch.com, ListWithClever.com & HomeBay.com are the same company and they are a 3rd party referral site. You should always call a company before you list and research who your listing broker will be. When you call, simply ask, are you my listing broker or will you be referring me out to some other broker?
  • RealEstateWitch.com, ListWithClever.com & HomeBay.com are the same company and they are a 3rd party referral site. You should always call a company before you list and research who your listing broker will be. When you call, simply ask, are you my listing broker or will you be referring me out to some other broker?
  • LOCATED IN CALIFORNIA "Selling your home should not cost an arm and a leg. The most important financial transaction of your life should be made easy to understand. Software driven home sales, using pros at the right time, is the future of real estate."
  • This is a 3rd party referral site. Located in New York. From their site: "Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an online database where all the properties on sale are available. Only licensed agents have access to this database. MLS is the source where 88% of the buyer agents look for a property to recommend to their clients. That’s why, it becomes crucial to list on your home on the MLS."
  • This is a 3rd party referral site - Located in Manchester, CT. From their site: "You can use our powerful real estate marketing platform that puts you in control. You will get access to the tools that actually work when selling a home in today's market. Including the power of the MLS, internet search engines, real estate search portals and social media for you to target real buyers who are actively looking for homes for sale in your local area!"
  • This is a 3rd party referral site. Located in Florida. From their site: "Flat fee MLS is a term used to describe a practice in which realtors place pertinent information about a property for sale into the database of the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for flat fee as opposed to a commission based on the contract selling price. All the benefits associated with an MLS listing will be realized at a fraction of the cost."
  • We offer Flat Fee MLS & Realtor.com throughout the entire state of VIRGINIA. We will list you in the same MLS used by tradition full service realtors. Our MLS listings are syndicated on national real estate web sites and will appear locally on BROKER IDX web sites (local real estate websites).
  • This is a 3rd party referral site - Located in Georgia. Info from their site: " FSBO.com has been bringing buyers and sellers together since 1997 by providing them with the simplest and most cost-effective route to selling or buying properties online and saving them thousands of dollars each in the process."
  • This is a 3rd party referral site. Located in California. From their site: "The leading By Owner website since 2003, we've helped thousands sell their homes By Owner. Save the commission (an average of $15,000) without compromising the results. Learn how ByOwnerMLS.com makes it easy to sell your home."
  • Located in Florida - From their site: "List With Freedom has been in business since 2005, helping sellers save thousands of dollars on the process of listing and selling their homes."
  • This is a 3rd party referral site. Located in Boca Raton, Florida. From their site: "ByOwner offers that powerful tool to you for a nominal flat rate—PLUS adding your home to the sales pages of Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and many other popular websites. With our MLS listing service, a one-time, low flat fee gets your home on the MLS and top Internet listing sites, without ever paying a traditional commission. Learn more about the benefits of our flat-fee MLS package"
  • This is a 3rd party referral site. Located in Florida. From their site: "Upon closing, we collect the typical 3% buyer agent commission, we will keep 1% to cover our cost, and credit you back the rest which normally belongs to us, instead, we are placing it in your pockets."

Flat Fee MLS Listing



Is flat fee MLS listing a good way to sell realestate?

A flat fee MLS listing is the best option for most sellers who want to save money on real estate agent commissions. 

When you list your property on the Virginia MLS, you are essentially getting it in front of a large audience of potential buyers who are working with real estate agents. By paying a flat fee to have your property listed on the MLS, you can save money on the commission that you would pay to a 6% real estate agent.

However, it's important to note that a flat fee MLS listing typically only includes the listing itself, unless you do a full service flat fee listing. Most do not realize that flat fee REALTORS® are the same as 6% agents and most of the time Virginia flat fee REALTORS® do a much better job and for a lot less money. Times have changed and flat fee listing is the future of real estate services.


Virginia Flat Fee REALTORS®

Flat fee MLS REALTORS® are real estate agents or brokers who offer a flat fee service to list a home on the Virginia Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a database of homes for sale that is accessible to real estate agents and brokers. By listing a home on the MLS, the seller can reach a wider audience of potential buyers.

A flat fee MLS REALTOR® charges a set fee to list a home on the MLS, rather than the traditional commission-based fee structure. The flat fee typically covers the cost of listing the home on the MLS and may include additional services such as yard signs, lockboxes, and online listings.

Some flat fee MLS REALTORS offer a limited service, meaning they only list the home on the MLS and do not provide additional services such as showing the home or negotiating offers. Other flat fee MLS REALTORS® offer a full-service option, where they handle all aspects of the home sale for a flat fee.

If you are considering using a flat fee MLS REALTOR®, it is important to research and compare different providers to find one that offers the services you need at a reasonable price. It is also important to understand the potential drawbacks of using a Virginia flat fee MLS REALTOR®, such as limited marketing and support compared to a traditional full-service agent.


For Sale By Owner Virginia

Listing for sale by owner (FSBO) refers to a property that is being sold by the owner without the assistance of a real estate agent. Here are some steps to consider when listing a property for sale by owner in Virginia:

  1. Determine the property's market value by conducting a comparative market analysis (CMA) or hiring an appraiser.
  2. Prepare the property for sale by decluttering, cleaning, and making any necessary repairs or upgrades.
  3. Take high-quality photographs and create a compelling listing description that highlights the property's features and benefits.
  4. Advertise the property on popular online listing sites, social media, and other marketing channels to reach potential buyers.
  5. Schedule and conduct showings and open houses for interested buyers.
  6. Negotiate with buyers and handle all necessary paperwork, such as contracts, disclosures, and closing documents.
  7. Hire an attorney or a title company to ensure the legal transfer of ownership and to manage the closing process.
  8. Or hire a good flat fee REALTOR® in Virginia and don't worry about the items above

It's important to note that selling a property without the assistance of a Virginia real estate agent can be challenging and time-consuming. Consider consulting hiring a full service flat fee REALTOR® to help with the entire process. You can save a lot of money on the listing agent and offer a buyer agent 1-3%.