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This will answer a lot of questions.
If you have ever listed with a REALTOR®, then you have listed this way.
You are paying us a flat fee to be your listing agent. You offer a buyer agent a commission on the MLS. Should a buyer come to you directly, you would not need to pay a buyer agent.
Yes, you can cancel and list with another agent if you like for no extra fee.
Your listing will look the same, just with another agent. The key to selling is the list price.
The 4P's to selling are:
  • Price
  • Presentation 
  • Photos
  • Putting on MLS
Yes, agents show our listings.
We have been doing this many years and sold thousands of properties. You are not listing in a different way. We are just charging a flat fee to be your listing agent.
Yes, your contact info is on the MLS under private agent remarks for them to contact you with any questions.
Our success rate is 100% when clients take our advice. 

The keys to selling are:
  1. PRICE